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2007- DET-070203


July 2, 2007 - Detroit, MI

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NEWS: Driven by Incentives, Auto Sales Climb 4.1%
ARTICLE: Trial Closing
HUMOR: Prospects Trade In Objection
ARTICLE: SPAM - What Industry Leaders Are Doing
- Embed eMail Addresses ...
TIP: ONLINE SALES - Contact Prospects While In Your Site
Ford Motor Company - 100 Years In Review
TIP: RESOURCE - Sales Training & Education
HELP: Do You Need Help In The Cyber World?
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Driven by incentives, auto sales climb 4.1%

DETROIT - July 2nd, 2007

New vehicle sales in June were up 4.1% from last year, and ahead of May's pace, pushed to an annual rate of 16.4 million by record incentives. "Most of us have the gloves off," says General Motors chief sales analyst Paul Ballew.

Consumers are using generous incentives not to cut prices but to add more options without unduly boosting prices, according to
... more

Trial Closing

A "Trial-Close" is a form of questioning the salesperson uses in order to get the prospect to commit to the vehicle before the negotiation process begins.

With a trial-close, you can ...

Humor: Prospects Trade In Objection

Joe in sales goes to the front desk at the dealership, and tells his sales manager that a prospect he is working with keeps saying dealing with his truck as a trade is up in the air. When Joe decided to go to the prospect's house, the problem became clear ...


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The objection of the prospect's truck as a trade being up in the air.

The customers objection may not make sense to you, until you see it the way the customer does.

The customers objection may not make sense to us, until we look at it the way the customer sees it.

Eyes Everyday

Want customers to visit your dealership every time they go on the Internet?

Like your dealership website seen by customers everyday at no cost to you?

Yes — and, you can.

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Can customers and prospects as they send out emails promote your dealership?

Yes, and they will.

For the first time your dealership now can have its own fully branded, Private-Label Internet Access Service (ISP) that lets you stay connected with every customer and prospect and generate revenue at the same time. There is no cost for your dealership to set-up a branded ISP solution. You pay out nothing, yet you generate revenue for with each user (Subscriber) who signs up for your FREE or Premium Dial-Up, or Broadband DSL services.

Your dealership will be right there everyday in front of them on their PC desktop generating repeat traffic to your web site - every time each one of your dial-up Internet access users connect to the Internet, the first place they must go is your website; or a website location of your choice. You can change where they land as often, and as much as you like!

Now, offer your prospects and customers high quality dial-in Internet Access (56k V90), and every time they sign onto the Internet, they will visit your website first. You can even opt to offer them FREE Internet Access, either way they pay you, and ...

all of this - at zero cost to your dealership.

The average Internet user connects 20 times a month according to recent statistics. That's 20 times a month your dealership will be visited by each Internet access user you have. FREE continuous exposure, the high everyday visibility at NO COST - that's powerful.

At no cost to you, you get your own complete branded ISP website.

Click here to see what your ISP will have. Your actual ISP website will be like this sample, except yours will reflect only your dealership information (logo, colors & more).

Both you, and every one of your ISP users get great support — free.

You can create your own landing page in your dealership website that all of your ISP users will see daily as they first dial into the Internet. With your own landing page you'll be able to post service specials & different new and used vehicle specials every day. You can even have your all of your ISP members land on a different page in your dealership website every day.

Tremendous Traffic Builder

Imagine Internet ad banners like this one below promoting your dealership!
(You can advertise 'Visit our dealership website and you can get FREE Internet Access' in
all your other dealership advertising, and watch consistent traffic come to your dealership website).

Included account features that your ISP customers get:

Nationwide Access
-- 4000 USA & Canada dial up numbers
Parental Controls
   Block website's you feel are inappropriate.
10 eMail Addresses
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Power eMail & Features
   POP IMAP SMTP at no extra charge.
Unlimited Access
-- No limits on hours or hidden usage charges.
Maximum Speed
   Full 56k access.
High Quality Internet Service
   No hassles, no problems, and a great price!

Instant Messaging
   Every major chat program supported.

Now you can offer your prospects & customers high quality Free unlimited and low-cost Internet access service in the USA & Canada.

Everyone using your Internet Access will

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SPAM - What Industry Leaders Are Doing

What Microsoft Bill Gates thinks ...
"Like almost everyone, I receive a lot of spam every day, much of it offering to help me get out of debt or get rich quick. It's ridiculous ... "

Autobytel Says No to Spam - Driven Vehicle Purchase Requests
Expanded “No Spam” Policy Represents Third Phase of Sweeping Customer Quality Strategy; Dealer Closing Ratios Climb Nearly 30% Since January ... (;4&action=template&ArticleID=138589)

What the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission
... the marketer then uses special software that can send hundreds of thousands - even millions - of email messages to the addresses at the click of a mouse ...

TIP: ANTI-SPAM - Embed email addresses into word links
Don't have email addresses typed out in your website. This will thwart most email harvesting softwares.
Some examples to use
--> Contact Us | More Info | eMail Me | Request To Be Contacted



NEWS: Ford Motor Company In Review


Ford Motor Company USA - Turns 100 Years Old

Crains Detroit Business - The Ford Legacy

A Simplified Family Look - The Ford Family Tree

The Oldest Dealership - It's Older Than Ford Motor

Ford Motor Company - 100th Anniversary Website

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