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Conducting business in the automotive industry has become more sophisticated which increases the demand for multi-skilled personnel. Employment opportunities are emerging in Dealership Operations including Parts, Sales, Service, Leasing & Financing, as well as in the fast developing Automotive Aftermarket sector.


This six semester, three-year co-op diploma program in Business Administration - Automotive Marketing prepares individuals who expect to assume entry level management positions or to become entrepreneurs in the Automotive industry.

The first year of the program consists of introdutory level courses in business and the automotive industry. The second and third years offer a wide variety of specialized courses in automotive dealerships, the aftermarket sector of the industry and advanced business courses.

The co-operative work experience is a vital component of the program allowing students to confirm their career choice and to develop a network in establishing their career path.

Program Learning Outcomes

- The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

- Apply in a professional manner a customer oriented approach to quality service and satisfaction.

- Develop new marketing strategies for the automotive retail and wholesale sectors.

- Demonstrate effective entry-level management skills with respect to human, physical and financial resources.

- Examine a variety of leadership styles and incorporate interpersonal and team building skills.

- Demonstrate an understanding of the historical, current and future trends in automotive manufacturing and retailing.

- Set goals and develop personal and professional relationships that assist with on going career planning.

- Integrate academic learning and co-operative work experiences to expand their knowledge and skills.

- Show entrepreneurial initiative to seek out business opportunities while adapting to on going changes.

- Discover and value the benefits of cultural diversity as it relates to personal growth and conducting business nationally and internationally.

- Explain the function and operation of the basic automotive components and related systems.

- Demonstrate effective communication skills and computer literacy applicable in the business environment.

For more information and how to apply to Georgian College, click here.

Other courses that have been offered by Georgian to address the new challenges on the traditional showroom selling process, the Georgian Canadian Automotive Institute has teamed up with industry experts from the United States to develop the course:

"Automotive Selling And Dealing
with the Internet-Informed Customer"

This course that has been offered was designed to equip students with practical knowledge and effective sales techniques on how to continue to successfully sell vehicles in the showroom, while also effectively selling to the Internet-Informed customer.

This course was designed for Sales Managers, Sales Personnel and Internet Managers, who upon successful completion, will receive academic credit towards Georgian College's certificate and diploma programs.

Founded in 1985, in cooperation with Georgian College and members of the automotive industry including associations, dealerships, manufacturers, retailers and aftermarket sectors, the Canadian Automotive Institute was created to train business professionals capable of taking a leadership role within the challenging and competitive automotive market.

Some of the many topics that were covered in this course

  • Introduction To a Proven Selling Method.
  • The Selling Process - From 'the welcome" to "the close" and Customer Follow-Up.
  • The need to "Wear Different Hats" throughout the selling process.
  • Gathering information that doesn't offend or put off Customers.
  • Presentation and Demos to inspire and motivate Customers.
  • How to set the stage for the perfect buying environment.How to identify with the "Key to the Sale" with each buyer type.
  • How to develop customer commitment.
  • Learn the Do's and Don'ts.
  • How to deliver that all-important first counter offer.
  • How to reach a "Win-Win" agreement for all.
  • The proper exit - Getting the most from your prospects.
  • You Will Learn proven techniques to help you prepare for every selling opportunity.
  • To avoid mistakes that jeopardize your relationship with customers that cost you sales.
  • Techniques to lower customer's defenses so you can gather all the information needed.
  • To avoid mistakes nearly all sales people make during product presentations and demo rides.
  • Not all customers should be approached the same way, learn how to approach each buyer.
  • The process of turning a shopper into a buyer.
  • How to give Sales managers the five elements of a solid offer every time.
  • How to get control of the deals before they unravel.
  • Turning stalled negotiations into sales.
  • Describe good work habits: professional development training, training and time management, and prospecting techniques to generate additional traffic for the dealership.
  • Most Courses Can Be 100% Completed Online.

For more information about attending the innovative specialized Accredited Automotive Business Administration and Marketing College Courses, contact Georgian College directly for their schedule, and course availability.

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