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Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

The 360 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System from our CyberSuccessToday division is one of the most flexible and powerful database and permission-based email-marketing systems available today.
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Realizing that there are many great companies that offer marketers eMail services, the mission at our CyberSuccessToday division is to set ourselves apart in both marketing function and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services.

CRM Services CyberSuccessToday offers:

  • Custom unlimited database architecture for every client
  • Custom, not template, eMails. Clients have their own look
  • Complete report functions for each CRM campaign
  • Complete eMail List Acquisition and management
  • Ongoing Customer Relationship Management consultation
  • "Pass it on" or viral marketing expertise
  • Auto eMail formatting for AOL, text, and html
  • Website “Visitors to Lead” Conversion (VTL)
  • Opt-in Targeted Permissive eMail CRM Marketing
  • Subscription Name List Management
  • eZines & Newsletter Development & Distribution
  • Website Viral Marketing Strategies & Campaigns
  • 360 Customer Relationship Management Systems

Our 360 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions are time proven marketing philosophies and concepts. We use the interactive and targeting power of the Internet to enhance and accelerate these great CRM products. Most companies only do one or two pieces of what is necessary for true success, but CyberSuccessToday has all the pieces to provide complete end-to-end Customer Relationship Management at its finest.


Here's what we can do for your company:

We will implement mechanisms to begin building your permission-based eMail database. We help you with the entire marketing program both offline and online. Our team designs and prints all the necessary in-store promotional material needed to promote your "eClub".

  • Install a popup on your web site that turns a site visitor into an "eClub" member (Visitor To Lead Conversions).
  • Design and build your own personal database architecture.
  • Work closely with your marketing team to design and program your monthly eMail newsletters for maximum interactivity and tracking.
  • Create and Implement your sweepstakes, or you can use our syndicated programs to deliver maximum response rates.
  • Service your account above and beyond the call of duty.

Some eMail Facts

  • eMail is the first reason people go online
  • 82% of consumers made a purchase in the past year as a result of clicking on a link in a permission based eMail
  • 37% of shoppers clicked through on eMail and bought immediately
  • 61% of large sized businesses use eMail
  • 42% of small business will use eMail by 2005
  • eMail response is faster, 80% will respond within 48 hours

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Overview | Direct Marketing | Internet Marketing | CRM
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