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Online Credit Center
Several styles of credit applications are available. From short five- liners to comprehensive applications; or we can customize one that will exactly match the information your lenders require. Easily collect all the information you need to process a loan application and get pre-approvals fast. Then, simply contact your customer and tell him to come in and pick his vehicle up!

Secure Information Submission
SSL (or secure socket layer) encryption which takes any and all information that your site's visitors send you and encrypts it so the information is safe and secure for your eyes only.

"Refer-Them" Form
We can also add a "refer-them" page so your online visitors can instantly refer your site to others they know. Great traffic builder!

Online Parts Sales Center
That's right, we can build you your own automated parts system that allows you to sell parts and accessories (24/7/365) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year right from your site. You can display your inventory in a catalog online and maintain it yourself, or let us do that for you. Either way, when customers order online, simply collect payment online, then ship. That's the beauty of our system!

Online Auto Auction For Retail and/or Wholesale
Yes, you can have an online auto auction for retail customers. Stop taking those perfectly good vehicles to the auction and taking a beating when all the while customers would flock to your online auction and scoop up vehicles you usually get rid of—if you make it available to them. Also, you can have a special password-protected section for all the dealers in your area. Eliminates auction fees and transportation fees ... grow your CyberDealership with your own online auction.

New Vehicle Online Build-It Center
With this auction area in your CyberDealership you will tap into the next level of automation, sales and vehicle delivery system. This is how savvy dealers are growing greater market share, increasing both sales and customer base.

That's what 65% of all new vehicle purchasers are seeking because that's the percentage of new vehicle buyers doing research on the net before their actual purchase. If you give them what they are seeking, it's a win-win-win!

This section comes with its own finance center and delivery system. Add another way to order vehicles from your dealership in the cyber-world.

Local Area Section In Your Site
This section of your site will drive traffic your way every day, over and over again. Let everyone in your community know you have a local section. When they come to this section they will find instant access to current local weather, updated traffic reports and quick links to all the local media, radio, TV and newspapers. Each day it will be their first stop, and again each night!

The word will spread and your site will be flooded with local traffic. The highest exposure with no added cost. That's CyberDealerToday's specialty!

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