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Included 29+ Standard Features - All Sites

Customer Searchable Inventory Database
All site visitors can check your available vehicle inventory in a snap at your site and print it out or contact you online about the vehicles that interest them.

Your Inventory Easily Managed Online
The inventory in your online database can be updated on the Internet from any browser, anytime, 24/7/365. No software is necessary, and we teach you just how easy it is to add, edit and delete vehicles from your CyberDealership site.

Complete Online Inventory Report
At your CyberDealership site you can simply click and get a complete listing of all the information in your online database. Makes updating and managing your CyberDealership easier than your store on the ground.

Online Appointments for Service Department
If you have a service facility (even an outside garage) you can provide your CyberDealership customers with the ability to easily make service appointments online.

Company Employment Opportunities
A separate page whereby anyone seeking employment opportunities with your dealership can check openings and apply online. Think of what you will save over the course of years just in terms of advertising through the employment classifieds.

"About Your Dealership" Page
A separate page where you can speak to the history of your store, the people who are part of your business, your reputation in the community, and tell your story, your own way.

Online Dealership Contact Form
Everyone can contact you while at your site and you can harvest information that will allow you to market special sales and events, and notify customers—all without the cost of postage, printing and other expenses associated with marketing and advertising. Saves you even more!

Easy To Use Payment Calculator
All site visitors can calculate their own payments and determine their budget while they are at your site. Several styles of payment calculators to choose from.

Instant Vehicle Price Values
Yes, with a simple click, everyone can determine the value of vehicles from your site. They can access retail, wholesale and trade- in values. Not only is this is a great time-saving service you can offer your customers, but it provides consumers the real market value of their trade-ins instead of what they "think it's worth".

Choose from these top guides for your CyberDealership:
- Edmunds Vehicle Price Guide
- NADA Price Valuation Guide
- Kelly Blue Book Price Guide

Printable Window Price Stickers
Because everyone sells at least some vehicles below book values, we know you'll want to justify your particular prices to consumers. So we make it a standard website feature whereby your site visitors can quickly get vehicle retail, wholesale and average trade-in values on any year, make and model truck or car right from your site! You can also print out a dealership version and have a professional, current vehicle price evaluation in every window on your lot.

Separate "Sales Specials" Page
Post your own online cash and finance specials on your site. Make it easy for site visitors to know where your bargains are. Sales bring traffic, traffic brings $ales!

Online "Customer Survey" Form
Collect not only feedback from your site visitors to help you meet their needs, but also collect information you can use in your ongoing marketing. And marketing to customers online by e-mail costs nothing; it's FREE!

Area Map Showing Your Location
Click to get precise directions, street by street, leading your customers right to your store from anywhere. All they do is type in their address and click ... it's that easy for them to get to you!

LIVE Help On Your Website
Initiate instant conversations with any visitor while they are in your site. Comes with the ability for them to contact you, too, with questions they may have. Also, you can track customers while they're going through your site to see which pages pull. Amazing!

Unique Custom Website Design
Your CyberDealership is custom designed and will reflect a style and character unique as your store.

Your Dealership Photo & Staff Photos
Personalize your business as you would on the ground. Photos of your brick n' mortar dealership and pictures of the people in your operation humanizes the web experience. Let the net surfer meet them face to face on the web. We know that many cars are pre-sold before the customer even comes in to take delivery! Like our Live Help feature, photos are one more means to make this happen.

Remember: These are all Standard Features - Included with All Sites.

E-Mail Addresses For All Departments
Each dealership department and all key personnel have e-mail addresses with your CyberDealership's URL. For example, "". Powerful free advertising that can put your customers in direct contact with you 24/7/365.

Unlimited Web Traffic & E-Mail
We don't penalize you for gaining success! Along with unlimited e-mail forwarding, there will be no extra monthly charges due to increased visitor traffic. Your cost is a fixed cost even as your site's traffic doubles and triples—and quadruples.

Automated E-Mail Responders
While you are off the lot or in bed for the night, everyone who contacts you from your website will get an immediate reply back to them as if you are sitting there just waiting to provide 24/7/365 service. What a great confidence-booster!

Your Company Logo Created
Don't have a company logo or tired of your present one and it needs to be updated? A professional custom logo design alone can cost from $500 to $1000 or more. Not here; it's included with your CyberDealership.

Graphic & Art Design Support
Designers, web programmers, and photo artists are in-house team members. This means that your site can be developed quickly, and with less hassle to you. Oftentimes billed from multiple companies as separate costs that end up being passed on to you, we nip that unnecessary expense in the bud. Each of these talents is included in our standard CyberDealerToday Dealer website package.

Listed With Major Search Engines
If you build it they will come! NOT SO! Your site when completed will be listed with the top major search engines. Your site will get traffic just from everyone in your area and those searching for a specific vehicle. Listing with the search engines is also an extra charge usually. Another CyberDealerToday standard feature.

Detailed Website Statistical Reports
Find out anytime: amount of traffic you are getting at your site, which pages site visitors go to, how long they stay, which search engines are finding your site, where your traffic is coming from, and other valuable information that will guide you in your marketing and increase your sales.

Low-Cost Site Hosting $14.95
Most hosting companies charge $50 per month or more to host your CyberDealership. Our cost is less than half and comes with features and services the other hosting companies charge extra for. Think of it as having another whole business for $14.95 a month!

Account Management Console
You're in charge of your CyberDealership website through your own management console accessed from any browser in the world.

Daily Tape Backups/UPS Protection
No concern about losing your site due to a server going down or attacked by a virus (server is another name for the computer that your site's files reside on). Daily back-ups and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) ensure that even if the local power goes out where the sever is ... your site stays up!

N0 Long-Term Contract Required!
No long-term commitments required for hosting with us because we know you will want to stay with us. That's how confident we are in our service to you. Other companies lock you into a long-term contract and many will require that you prepay for six months or more for your hosting. But with CyberDealerToday you have the choice to either pay monthly with NO LONG-TERM contract required, or pre-pay for additional savings.

Superior Customer 24/7/365 Support
The best online support in the industry. The trouble ticket system keeps track of your contacts with us and response time to support needs are fast!

Many More Value-Added Standard Features
We would be hard-pressed to pick our top ten from the above list; each feature has its rightful place. Forms, database, custom logos, calculators, auto-responders, maps, statistical reports, no up-charge for extra bandwidth usage, initial search engine listings, no long-term contract requirement, and the list goes on to include our avilability of specialized automotive Internet marketing and sales training services.

We pledge to keep our hosting and design, marketing and training offerings packed with these extra values, and more as they become available. It's one of the many ways CyberDealerToday stays in front of the rest of the industry.

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Standard Features | Optional Features
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