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Automotive Internet Sales Training
Intensive I-Net Two-Day Workshops

Are you ready for the e-future?
Are you prepared for this new type of customer?

Are you familiar with the unique psychology of the Internet buyer; their fears, motivations and their expectations?

The Internet customer is searching for a better kind of car-buying experience. They want choice. They want convenience. They want added value. And they're looking for more than just "the best price".

Many dealers have not enjoyed the challenge of Internet sales. Some have become frustrated by strong Internet customer demands. Many have grown weary of watching countless Internet opportunities being wasted, instead of turning them into profitable sales.

I-Net can help! I-Net Training Technologies is the first training and consulting company dedicated to automotive e-commerce. The company is a dynamic partnership made up of industry leaders and top producers who are committed to improving the way America buys and sells automobiles.

Internet Auto Sales Two-Day Workshops

By enrolling your Dealership in this exciting, two-day advanced level workshop, Internet Sales Professionals will gain greater insight and knowledge about the new world of automotive e-commerce. Participants will learn and master a proven selling method designed to turn more online inquiries into profitable sales.

By Attending The Workshop You Will Learn

• How to better understand the psychology of the unique Internet customer.
• How to better evaluate an online purchase request.
• How to increase customer contact ratio.
• How to be more effective on the telephone using 3-D Communication.
• How to engage the online customer in a positive conversation.
• How to handle a request for a quote without a commitment to buy.
• How to handle a trade-in with an online purchase.
• How to secure the online sale right over the telephone.
• How to meet and exceed customer's expectations.
• How to generate more than one sale from each purchase request.

Key Workshop Features

• Understanding the Internet customer.
• Who are they, where do they come from ...
• What are their fears and frustrations.
• What are their desires and expectations.
• Developing the Competitive Edge.
• What it takes to win.
• The irresistible package.
• The overall terms of the sale vs. just price.
• Introduction to a proven selling method.
• A dynamic concept with a systematic approach.
• A clear process that is easy to follow and implement.
• An effective way to monitor, track and evaluate.
• Presentation of best practices and trade secrets.
• What works and what doesn't.
• Necessary tools and needed resources.
• Customer relations, policies and procedures.
• The Online Sale.
• A dynamic concept with a systematic approach.
• Offers vs. Quotes.
• Securing one sale while creating a new opportunity.
• Introduction to Internet Traffic Control.
• Sampling of manual and electronic systems.
• Evaluation of individual performance.
• Evaluation of departmental performance.

Can Your Dealership Afford Not To Go?

Two-Day Workshop Cost

Price per Person

1-2 people $795
3-4 people $695
-5 or more $595

To enroll in or check the seating availability's
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Internet Auto Sales Course, contact CyberDealerToday.

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Dealership 5-Day

On-Site Training Available Build The Ultimate Internet Sales Team
In addition to all the covered Internet Auto Sales areas listed above, through this powerful Internet Automotive Sales Training course that can be held on-site at your Dealership, your Dealership will acquire knowledge in many key areas:

• Mastering the art of doing business on-line.
• Understanding the cyber consumer.
• Establishing, managing and maintaining a new profit center.
• Recruiting, retaining and retraining the right people on your team.
• Stay ahead of your competition and always maintaining your edge.

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