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Other Type Of Vehicle Sales Training

CyberDealerToday from time-to-time based on availabilities offers other different types of specialized auto sales training programs.

Some of the other programs are:

• Live Automotive Sales Training Workshops.

• On-Site Dealership Sales Training Programs.

• Online Six-Week Accredited Auto Sales College.

• Specialized Automotive Training Programs.

• Internet Auto Sales - Internet Business Development.

On-Site Showroom Sales Program

R • B • I Two-Day LIVE Sales Workshops

Intensive two-day proven R • B • I • Score™ Automotive Showroom Sales Training workshops held at different locations around the USA and Canada.

• Hands-on intensive complete in-dealership training.
• Train-the-Trainer – We train your trainer on-site.
• Effective showroom traffic-control systems.
• Continued follow-up support for your dealership.

In-Dealership Program Information--->

Online Accredited Auto College

• Covers Business Administration & Marketing.
• Entire college course can be completed 100% online.
• Course Credit Earned Towards A Business Degree.

College Course Information--->

Periodic Other Specialized Dealership Training
  • Power Of The Telephone
  • Showroom Sales Control
  • Sales & F&I Coordination
  • Prospecting & Client Follow-Up
  • Developing New Opportunities
  • Internet Auto Sales Training

• Proven auto sales increases from Internet sales leads.
• Workshops available off-site and in your dealership.

Specialized Program Information--->

Maximum sales success in your dealership showroom and also from your CyberDealership can be achieved!


Through unique and specialized hands-on training programs designed to focus solely on effectiveness in showroom sales control, follow-up, new customer development and auto sales.

Your success in auto sales with your dealership showroom traffic, telephone control, prospect and sold customer follow-up, Finance TO, or your Internet-generated sales leads, and finance pre-approval inquiries is directly tied to:

• How well your salespeople coordinate between all the departments, understand, and implement the appropriate sales methods for telephone, follow-up, your showroom visitors and your Internet-informed customers.

• They're uniquely different and must be treated as such!

CyberDealerToday Is The Source For Vehicle Sales Success
Both On-and-Off The Internet

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