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Auto Market's Exploding On The Internet

Who is on the Internet today? From the executive, homemaker, postman, doctor, office worker, truck driver to the pizza delivery person. Everybody is!

• 80% of web-savvy car buyers search online before buying, determining dealers they are going to shop.

• The number of used vehicle purchases initiated online doubled in 2007.

• Over half of all potential car buyers have Internet access, and even more have access to the Internet.

• The number of people online increases by 1 million per month, more going online at home and at work.

You cannot afford to neglect this growing market.

As more and more of your potential customers in your market begin searching online, without a website, you will lose them quickly to the competition.

If you are not on the Internet with a strong online presence that provides you Internet access to this immense informed base of prospective buyers, you are not a contender for their business.

The Internet-informed auto shopper is a more serious ready buyer than most drive by drop ins and lookers, and those who impulsively pull into your dealership on the spur of the moment.

Those searching the Internet use the world wide web to zero-in on which vehicle they want, available financing rates and where the best loans are, what the extended warranties are available, product specs and comparison information, trade-in vehicle values and, most importantly, they use it to zoom in on the dealership(s) they will visit once they have all their information and have made most of the decisions.

When the Internet-informed shopper comes into your showroom, the sales closing ratios go up to 75-80%. Even if you have a website, if it does not have all crucial information available in it, your dealership is missing substantial sales and service business.

What the purpose of your CyberDealership?

To Both Inform Consumers and Generate Leads -->

Opportunity | Information | Convenience | Support | Clients
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